Aum Sri Ganeshaya namaha. Sri Ramana and Sri Seshadri Swami fulfilled complementary roles in preserving collective purity and quality of the brain power in the nation and warded negative degenerative influences that is common in today's kali yuga. They lived during a turning phase of the globe where mind and matter were gradually gaining grounds over spirit and soul all over the world.

They also retarded the degenerative influences of the Karmic forces running our lives subtly. Both of them were utmost simple in their living styles. Sri Ramana perhaps followed the "gyan marga" - the path of wisdom through rigorous self-inquiry. His teachings have motivated western psychologists and thinkers and provided solutions for people all over the world. He retarded the degeneration of the human mind manifesting through depression, violent tendencies and so on which were gaining grounds in the rest of the world.

Sri Seshadri Swamigal followed "bhakti marga" after rigorous austerities tapas earlier in a mystical manner using unconventional remedies, chanting mantras and so on. He stabilized the devotional aspects through his innumerable healing miracles during His lifetime and restored faith in people of the healing power of God. A very nice, concise and accurate summation of the life of both these two great Mahans. They both had Divine missions which expressed themselves in entirely different ways.

Writing this in memory of my mother. When she was young she used to do 'giri pradhakshanam' in want of a baby every day. Once swamigal tapped her back and said 'Kodanu kodi pirakkum'. She conceived a child soon after that incident and went on to have 7 children. All of them are well settled.

She is no more but her prayers to swamigal is what is guiding and protecting all of us. Om tat sat. Sri Seshadri swamigal Thiruvadike! HE is guiding me in every for every one of my actions. HE identified our second Son in first 10 days in the Wumb of mother and blessed.

Every day miracles he guides in our business and prosperity. Dr Chandrasekar.It has different terms and is used as different words in different religions. Buddhists call it Nirvana and Christians call it ecstasy or 'merging with the spirit'. In samadhi one remains immersed in infinite bliss and the time one can remain in samadhi ranges from few minutes to time infinite.

After a divine person takes samadhi there are various ways of preserving or disposing the physical body. It is a very advanced samadhi state closely related to the nirvikalpa samadhi state but then permanent. In Maha samadhi the body will decay over time and the energy will leave the body upon death. In Jeeva samadhi you cannot say the body dies nor can you say it is still alive, however the energy will remain in and around the body as if it were still alive and the body will not decay over time either or extremely slowly as in some cases.

This is a state where Siddhas enters into the samadhi state at their own will after completion of their mission on earth and their mind completely dissolved into the Divine, They stop the functioning of the body and mind.

Stopping the body functions, the Siddha ensures by his spiritual achievement that the life does not go out of the body. This body will never or extremely slowly decay for thousands of years because the magnetic force in the body now acts as the life force prana in this body.

In this state of suspended animation the breathing and blood circulation completely stops but the pranic forces keep the body cells nourished and alive. Then as invisible forces, They continue guiding mankind towards spiritual upliftment.

There is a possibility that the Siddha can dematerialize his body from the tomb and materialize it elsewhere in some different location and carry out the mission for another span of years! For example Sadasiva Brahmendra has 3 Jeeva samadhi's at different locations all quite powerful and some say he is still around. In Jeeva Samadhi, the physical body of the Siddha remains intact and alive for thousands of years. When a spiritual aspirant goes in the vicinity of the Jeeva Samadhi, he receives blessings and guidance from the Siddha emitting his divine energies.

This is one of the ways of communicating with Siddhas. Now, the Jeeva Samadhi is nothing but one big kundalini energy field and in the vicinity of the high energy fields, the seeker's kundalini also rises. To get the kundalini flowing correctly without problems and without meditating for decates trying to ignite it, this is the best way.

There is a saying that if one even gets a glance of saints his sins would get burnt by the kundalini and thus he would be purified. Hambo Lama Itigelov over 87 years in Jeeva samadhi. The white powder on his clothe is salt, to avoid moisture buildup. Every Siddha before taking Jeeva Samadhi gives specific instructions on how the tomb should be made and how their bodies must be placed and other instructions so that they can benefit the maximum to the world.

Hambo Lama Itigilov for example left a testament asking to be buried as he was at the time of his death, sitting in lotus posture. According to his wishes, his body was put into a pine box and interred at a bumkhan a graveyard for the lama burials in the locality of Khukhe-Zurkhen.Friday, August 23, Miracle that gave Guruji Siddhis.

This narrative gives some information about the life of Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar, of whom I previously wrote at these links: herehere and here. The story of the miracle goes like this:. Kanchangiri is connected to Thiruvalam Temple by a legend. With information of the legend, a number of researchers from an Ashram in Coimbatore visited the place.

After arrival the group arranged all of the Lingams at one place upon a plateau on Kanchangiri. The location of Kanchangiri is about seven kilometres from Ranipet en route Ponnai.

After crossing a village called Agravaram, there is a spot known as Lalapet from which place Kanchangiri is visible. One can also come by way of Melpadi, at a distance of five kilometres. Immediately on uttering this pray, five ladies and five men suddenly appeared and came to Guruji and laid him on the floor. The five ladies sat below the head of the prostrate body, and the five men sat above the head. During this whole process Guruji felt absolutely no pain. Finally only his head remained.

Sri Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar. Some days after this incident whilst Guruji was in meditation, a Lingam suddenly appeared. Upon being unable to move the Lingam, he decided to perform a puja, so stood up in order to perform the ritual; as he stood the Lingam also lifted up to his position, slowly came towards him, and then mingled with him. Posted by Meenakshi Ammal at PM. Assaf August 6, at AM. Anonymous August 9, at PM. Karthigainathan August 14, at AM.

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siddhar miracles

Nandhi attacking the Demon at Thiruvalam Temple. Large Nandhi Guarding Thiruvalam Temple.

siddhar miracles

Kanchangiri 2. Kanchangiri 3.I am sampath kumar from Coimbatore, South India. I used to meet Sami whenever I go to Tiruvanamalai.

He is great enlightened soul and his blessings will definetely induces lot of progress in Spirituality to a greater extent. For futher details about Sami pl contact my Sudhakar, who is in process of compling a book about Sami.

His mobile no I request everyone to read the book on Mookku podi swamigal. We donot meet saints we only pray and have their darshan if they wish! Dear Anonymous: Do you have any information on the point on Swami? Would appreciate details about publishers, name of book and author. It's a beautiful buk, must fr evry MPS devotees Thr is also a mukku podi sittarin madam ashram opposite to vayu lingam on the giriwalam path U can get the buks frm thr too.

On 17th jan. I went near by HE shouted. Ireturned back. I was told that I was blessed with HIS look. That does happen quite often with him.

Seshadri Swamigal was also very famous for shouting at people and throwing objects at them. However his reputation was such that if he threw anything, the devotee would immediately pick up the object, convinced that it would help with whatever trouble was in their life. Mookku Podi Swamigal is becoming more and more famous in this area.

So you were fortunate to have his unhindered darshan.

siddhar miracles

The lord how saved my life, his action and his personality will teach a lesson for our soul and us. By seeing an outer and physical appearance of him don't think that he is a normal human thats also one of the lesson for our trust on him that how much we trust in that appearance on him. On I was wondering whether it is publicity stunt by some beggar. Then suddenly that person stood up and rushed to beat a person he was holding a baby on his shoulder and seeking his blessings.

Everyone run off. It walked back to the temple wielding the stick vigorously. Another person standing nearby said it is his kind punishment to ward of past evil doings. I could not laugh because of the humbleness shown by the people. Though run away, people started to follow It wherever It goes. After two minutes, It retuned back to the pillar and sat down. Now acted upon my sixth sense, I prayed to God and Ramana — If that is really a saint or siddhar, then I could possible communicate in spirit or telepathy.

So I crossed the road, and from about 40 feet distance to avoid any beating watched Its side posture. Till this time, I did not see Its face. In fact I wanted as this my spiritual test and thought that if It is an enlightened person, It would give me a dharshan. After minutes, It slowly turned and gave a sign hand sign shooing away. I suspected whether it is for me or I have to go away.Ramadevar or Uromarishi or Yacob Siddhar is a great siddhar who occupies a distinct and significant part in the Tamil Siddha Medicine System for his discoveries in all the spheres of Siddha Science.

An eminent thinker and lively researcher, was well known for his simple usage of Tamil language to describe extraordinary concepts in Siddha Science. Bogar in his biographies about Siddhas says, he was born in a Brahmin family. The guru of Ramadevar Siddhar is the great Siddhar Pulasthiyar. After entering into the world of Siddha science, Siddhar Ramadevar by the dint of his deep meditation techniques awakened his kundalini energy.

He succeeded in bringing the energies through the chakras up to the crown and united with the Divine for long. He attained perfection in Attama Siddhis and said to have performed many miracles called Jaalam in Tamil.

இந்தோநேஷியாவில் வழிபடப்படும் தமிழ் சித்தர் பற்றி தெரியுமா ?

Right from his early stage, he used to be a devotee of Sivashakthi. When I was roaming through all the eight directions, I saw a sacred place and realized its nada aspects. I was graciously endowed with the essential nature of Mother Manonmani.

With Her heart full of abounding love, She called me to Her side and endowed me with the everlasting truthful Jnana. Thereupon, I was able to regain my own essential form. Ramadevar Siddhar lived in the port town of Nagapattinam. Once, he was gifted with a Shiva Linga through the grace of Lord Kasi Vishwanath, during one of his visits. He invoked the vibrant presence of Kasi Vishwanath upon the Linga and consecrated it at Nagapattinam, where he worshiped the Lord daily.

siddhar miracles

At that time, Nagapattinam was a well-known harbor, frequented by Arab merchants. These merchants invoked in Ramdevar an intense desire to become close to them. With this thought one day he was seated in deep meditation in Nagapattinam; but when he woke up from his meditation he found himself in the Arab country!

He realized that he was able to reach that place through sancara-samadhi. Though initially he was harassed, Ramadevar was able to win over the confidence of the Arabs who also insisted that he be converted to Islam. Even as an Arab he worshiped nabigal nayagam, the messenger of Allah in mecca and got his blessings and compiled his works on Siddha medicine, Siddha Yoga and Siddha Jnana philosophies.

This incident is also noted by Bogar in his Bogar song:. Being attired in the style of Arabs, Ramadevar now Jacob moved freely with the local people. Some Arabs even became his disciples. It is said that Ramadevar lost himself in samadhi for 40 years in Mecca. Emerging from Samadhi with the drizzling effulgent form and getting directive from the great Siddha alchemist Bogar, he returned to Tamil Nadu from Mecca and stayed in Sathuragiri hills and translated his works to Tamil from Arabic.

In his works, Ramadevar deals a variety of subjects: the secrets of Siddha science, the importance of kumbhaka, significance of Beeja Mantra, the ten initiations Diksha and so forth. The wordings and use of language in his works enables readers to easily understand about the Siddha medicine system. It is such a great privilege that we here have the opportunity to present some works of this great siddhar. The source, the gem of a lamp, must be known The expansive completeness, must be seen All the paths to the lure of the pure space To attain the bliss of my Mother Manonmani The supreme flame, that is righteousness, the feet of Mother Standing in a state devoid of gunas, none can grasp Residing in the pyre of Vedanta Such is this worship, and it shall not be wasteful.

With a mind devoid of gunas, to worship at the feet of Mother Manonmani is the way to reach the source, the gem of the lamp says Ramadevar. Appears as one and also as many As the within and as all that is outside, they fancy!

To stand apart from the One, vast space There is nothing to exist other than the One! The seed that forged hence became the seed To have risen to become Shakthi and Shivam, indeed!

The source that is the One resides in them If only the mind is still, the One is seen. In the following songs, Ramadevar speaks about his works- how he started with the state of Saranaagadhi done with total surrender and with the selfless attitude and its importance for Seekers and Sadhakas like us.

Pray and implore the Mother Bow to the divine feet of compassionate and imbued consciousness Grow within and bow to the feet of Adi or the primal Guru Bow down to the feet of the great Guru Naths; Plunge into my book of two hundred and sixteen If experienced, one shall attain. I vouch!Swamy sitting in the same place for 19 years, without standing and walking away from that place.

List of All 18 Tamil Siddhar Yogis and their Contributions

Swamy answered the nature calls there itself. Swamy was in the state of no mind, no feeling of body, no thirst, no hungry. He was always in Parabramam state. In this modern time we cannot see such a Sage who completely unaware of his body and needs. Once in a while Swamy was sitting in a place near Poondi village. Devotees apporeched him to feed food, suddenly Swamy disappeared and appeared in another place.

Devotees surprised and once again approached him, again Swamy disappeared and appeared in another place. Swamy repeated this miracle many times. Devotees pleaded Swamy to take food, then Swamy settled in a place and taken the food.

The Incredible Powers of the Ancient Siddhars

A milk vendor who daily used to go via Poondi. In a single day Swamy used to drink to cups of tea and coffee even if it is hot, which were offered by devotees at a stretch. One day the milk man as usual asked Swamy, do you require any milk?

The milk man lifted the can which contains 25 litres of milk with great difficulty and offered it, Swamy drank all the 25 lites of milk at a stretch easily. He also asked him to bring another can from his cycle which contains 6litres of milk and drank that also. The milk vendor stood against not knowing how to console his daily customers.

Milk flowed from his mouth like a fountain and the whole street was flooded with milk. People gathered there found some dead scorpions and lizards in the milk. If they consume it what will happen? Lord Shiva drank it and saved the world from Alakala. Here Swamy also consumed the poisoned milk and saved the people. After hearing about Swamy, One lady came from Chennai to Kalasapakkam to meet Swamy, while coming, on the way some thieves threatened the lady and snatched golden chain, golden ear studs, nose studs etc and ran away.

Then that lady saw the Swamy on the river bank. Manikam also followed that lady and stood on the river bank and watching. Swamy took the iron rod, saw twice and returned it to that lady. The lady received it and to her surprise iron rod was changed as gold worth for many thousands. By seeing this, Manikam wanted to get gold.Amma, who has been rightly realised by lakhs and lakhs of devotees, as the true Avatar of Adhiparasakthi, has performed innumerable miracles, ascertained by the devotees themselves.

His Holiness, the Amma had also solved complex and intricate problems in the lives of devotees. The spiritual magazine, Sakthi Oli, rolled out from the Siddhar Peedam carries first hand information about these miracles. There will be an earthquake there. Right enough, soon after the couple moved, there was an earthquake in the region. Not just from natural disasters, Amma has also healed many by gently touching them with neem leaves and passing on Her powers. Once a devotee wondered why the Mother used the neem leaf, like some village deity, for healing people.

Though this was not explicitly revealed in Her divine presence, the All-Knowing Amma called the devotee and handed him a neem leaf. In those days, chicken pox was associated with the Divine Mother, and it was customary to recite the Mariyamman Thalattu lullaby in front of the patient. Humbled by His display of power and involvement, His Holiness was honoured by the villagers to recite the passages describing the Divine Mother.

The patient would gradually calm down and would be much at ease. Meenakshisunndaram, the first Vice chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University, a disciple of Maharashi Mahesh yogi, visited the Divine Mother, out of curiosity.

He saw the Divine Mother blessing devotees by gently passing neem leaves over their heads and was puzzled to see gold ornaments materializing. The next time the Dr. The suffering lady was knotted in an ellipsoidal position and had to be carried to the Mother for treatment. His Holiness stepped on the lady and pressed her back twice. When His Holiness stepped down, the woman was able to stand on her own, erect! Later in his life, the Dr. When he was admitted to the cancer hospital, the Dr.

Was indeed diagnosed with cancer; but, it was in the very advanced stage. The Dr.