After living what could be considered a normal life as a graffiti artist and a local delinquent of the Akomish Reservation, Delsin discovers that he is a Conduit after touching a Amazed, that this baby-faced and voiced, no matter how cute it was little boy could get a job like this.

SO this contains suicide please don't do this. Requested by five anons Summary: Batmom Reader and Bruce fight, after Batmom storms out they gets kidnapped by a villain.

House and serves as a secondary antagonist in Fallout: New Vegas. This was it this is your chance to show them what you can do, and also angst todoroki x reader shoto x reader todoroki shoto bakugou x reader Katsuki x reader katsuki bakugou bnha mha boku no hero academia my hero acadmeia bnha x reader notes Oct 14th, Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!

It's kinda just a random name I put in. By: Belladonna Cromwell. Trust can be lost within seconds, takes a lifetime to regain, and is never as strong again afterward. Anything after that was foreign territory, unexplored and unprecedented. I'm Here For You - Jughead x Reader Request — Anonymous asked: Could you do something where the reader is always relatively outgoing and tries her best to keep everyone happy and always jokes but Jughead finds out that the reader's parents are verbally abusive and the reader is very depressed and insecure?

Ruby watched as the White Fang member plunged the blade into your stomach. Lafayette x Reader: Never Again. The central theme about this book is really about tapping into what is believed to be the possibility of human souls to re-incarnate themselves and how to harness that knowledge to make powerful decisions for the future.

It's your first day. Civil war spoilers, slight. He is the host and the one in charge of designing the challenges the contestants have to face. I taught my ex-girlfriend! I never liked her anyways! Okuda's a way better girlfriend, she always let me do what I want. Jumin Han x Reader. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe K.

Without another word, she leaves. The minimum experience loss at death is 50 points. I hope I managed to make it angsty enough?

The blade stuck out of your back, dripping your red essence. The sky was a rare vibrant blue color with small white clouds speckled around its surface. Reader x Jungkook Hanahaki Disease: a fictional disease where the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.Luckily for Nightwing, this isn't his first time leading the Justice League.

nightwing x dying reader

This version of Nightwing is actually Superman himself. This series made the Justice League more serious and militaristic than other versions and had a rotating roster of members. At the end of the mission, the liaison between the U. In it, a new Justice League team is created to deal with the disappearance of Aquaman and Atlantis. As the new team is assembled, Batman, because he of course planned for this, plays the new members a video telling them that Nightwing is the "only one I could have picked to lead you.

Nightwing is also torn about his time with the Justice League. Whenever he works with the League the other members always expect him to take on the same role that Batman played. They expect him to be the strategist, the interrogator, and to be the master detective. Although Nightwing is a natural-born leader, he prefers to be on his own and is always relieved when Bruce Wayne returns. With Nightwing's return to the team in Justice League 53 this week, Nightwing continues his long history with the team.

A former chef in high-end restaurants and food salesperson, Scott is now doing what he truly loves: writing. He has four novels and four short stories published so far. When not writing, you can hear Scott on the Kirby's Kids podcast.

By Scott Shoyer Sep 28, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.He can later be found at the kindergarten at the Tower after his chain of side quests have been completed.

She did almost anything to please and cater her husband, Levi Ackerman. Notes: This song has been stuck in my head lately so shaboom, here this is. People lie, actions don't. I respect how honest you appear while lying! You admitted that you lied, now you're offended that I don't believe you. Benny was a member of the tribal gang called the Boot Riders before Mr. Midoriya Izuku.

You knew he was cheating on you, but you couldn't leave him… You just couldn't. My slutty ex, in MY bed, in MY apartment. After living what could be considered a normal life as a graffiti artist and a local delinquent of the Akomish Reservation, Delsin discovers that he is a Conduit after touching a Amazed, that this baby-faced and voiced, no matter how cute it was little boy could get a job like this.

Words: lol got a lil carried away Warnings: Death, sadness, angst. Like how his voice cracked when he was fighting Deku, Phew! That got to me. You were used to it. I didn't know how to end it so the reader ended up with bakugou. One player who called himself Ricky had earned a reputation for being a racist dickbag.

Kabuyama VA 87, views. Your Tarot card reader will walk you through what is foreseen. Warning s : Pregnancy, death, swearing — "If you don't abort that baby, I'm going to leave you. I realized its worth the chance. I taught my ex-girlfriend! I never liked her anyways! Okuda's a way better girlfriend, she always let me do what I want. Request: Hey, I was wondering if I could have a Philip Hamilton imagine with Those things you said yesterday…Tags: dick grayson imagines dick grayson x reader dick grayson dick grayson imagine dick grayson smut nightwing nightwing imagine nightwing imagines nightwing x reader batfam batfamily tim drake bruce wayne.

There's been too much fluff lol. Steve x Reader, slight! Words: In a land of giant beasts, he spent his time calling people the n-word, but that's the only thing he had in common with Hulk Hogan. Over the weeks Steve grows quite fond of the reader which Tony absolutely disapproves of. When you sit down for your Tarot reading, endless scenarios may arise.

Y: Read Cheater! Warnings: minor swearing and angssssssst.

Cheater karma x dying reader

I've been meaning to tell you this since my life's begun. Instead, she made a peculiar request to her husband before signing the divorce papers. He grumbles and puts his pho Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant! Karma is the luggage your soul carries on its trip from life to life.Richard John Grayson is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comicscommonly in association with Batman.

Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kanehe first appeared in Detective Comics 38 in April as the original and most popular incarnation of Robin. The youngest in a family of acrobats known as the " Flying Graysons ", Richard witnesses a mafia boss named Tony Zucco kill his parents in order to extort money from the circus that employed them. After the tragic murder, Batman Bruce Wayne takes Richard Dick in as his legal ward retconned as an adopted son in some cases and trains him to become his crime-fighting partner Robin.

He is written by many authors as the first son of Batman. As a young man, he retires as Robin and takes on his own superhero identity to assert his independence, becoming Nightwing. As Nightwing, he continues to lead the Teen Titans and later the Outsiders. He has also been depicted as protecting the streets of New York, Chicago, and Gotham City over the years. Dick Grayson has taken on the identity of Batman on a few occasions. In the aftermath of " Batman: Knightfall ", Grayson was not offered the role of Batman while the original was recovering from a broken back as Bruce felt that Nightwing was a hero in his own right and not Batman's understudy, but after the events of the Zero Hour miniseries later that year, he temporarily fills in as Batman, beginning in Robin 0 and extending throughout the Batman: Prodigal storyline in Dick again assumes the mantle following the events of " Batman R.

On Bruce's return, both men maintained the Batman identity untilwhen Dick returned to the Nightwing identity with DC's The New 52 continuity reboot.

In a comic story, Dick is forced to abandon the Nightwing identity after being unmasked on TV and faking his death, setting up Tim Seeley 's Grayson comic book, Dick becomes Agent 37Batman's mole in the nefarious spy organization Spyral.

nightwing x dying reader

Following the conclusion of the Grayson series, and the restoration of his secret identity in the series' final issue, [3] Dick returns to being Nightwing as part of the DC Rebirth relaunch in During the Tom King 's Batman run and after the frustrated marriage between Bruce and Selina, Dick is also seen taking the mantle during the first part of the "Cold Days" arc, as Bruce is confined in a jury while Mr.

Freeze is on trial. Robin's debut was an effort to get younger readers to enjoy Batman. The name "Robin, The Boy Wonder" and the medieval look of the original costume are inspired by the legendary hero Robin Hood. The costume was designed by Jerry Robinson who drew it from memory based on Robin Hood illustrations by N.

In his first appearance, Big Dick Grayson is a circus acrobat, and, with his parents, one of the " Flying Graysons ". Robin was born on the first day of spring, son of John Grayson and Mary Grayson, a young aerialist couple. While preparing for a performance, Dick overhears two gangsters attempting to extort protection money from the circus owner. The owner refuses, so the gangsters sabotage the trapeze wires with acid.

During the next performance, the trapeze from which Dick's parents are swinging snaps, sending them to their deaths. Before he can go to the police, Batman appears to him and warns him that the two gangsters work for Tony Zuccoa very powerful crime boss, and that revealing his knowledge could lead to his death.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Dick Grayson

Your best friend calls you in the middle of the night telling you to meet him at his new penthouse. Not finding anything strange about this you comply and meet him there where a 5? Blurbs from my follower milestone celebrations. There are even more characters included than the five listed. A collection of oneshots crossposted on my tumblr. This is here in case i get deleted. Ever wonder what type of shenanigans you might get into if you lived in Gotham?

Well too bad, here are many scenarios where shit happens with Bruce and his crazy but lovable children. Some of these have you in a romantic relationship with one of the boys and others have you as a sibling. I'll leave a note at each chapter so you'll know which. Gotham is a cesspool of ridiculous, costumed criminals, exhausted vigilantes, and frothing-at-the-teeth civilians.

Perfect, for an ex-assassin that doesn't quite know how to live life as exactly that. Even when you had to leave everything behind at Gotham, you couldn't say you regretted your decision. A beautiful blue bird, and a member of the police force would make your stay there be worth everything. Through thick and thin, you would learn about the place you belong to They've been dating since their senior year in high school, and their relationship has followed into the real world.

Various scenarios, one-shots, and headcanons with your favorite characters. I take requests too.

~*ASMR*~ Nightwing Returns // A Shadowverse X DC Universe ASMR Role Play

Just send me a message if you'd like to make one. I don't know how Bruce Wayne wound up believing I needed help, financially in all ways, but that's how it ended up. Perhaps I should've mentioned to him that money was the last thing I worried about as my life as a vampire.Thanks for connecting!

You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. We may have mentioned a few times how comic books have mastered the art of finding new and creative ways of making sex bizarrely unappealing, even to people who read comic books. Here are some instances of superhero stories aspiring for romance but failing horrifically, like Cupid aiming his bow at a young couple but missing and hitting a choleraic orphan in the face.

Paige Guthrie, code name Husk, is one of the lesser-known characters from the X-Men universe. She briefly had a fling with Angel, who is about 12 years older than her. It isn't the considerable age gap between them that has gotten these two on our list, however, or even the fact that Husk's incredibly unsexy power is the ability to transform into any element she wants after physically pulling the skin from her body.

Uncanny X-Men On the plus side, she's never without the means to fashion an incredibly macabre condom. No, this relationship officially gets awkward when the couple along with the rest of the X-Men are in Kentucky at Husk's mother's house. Husk hears Angel admitting to her mom that he is intentionally pulling away from her because he's scared she'll die and not because of the fact that she's 19 and he's thirty-goddamned-one.

After the confrontation, they kiss and make up in a big way:. Uncanny X-Men Their kids will have really bad wing eczema. To make it even more romantic in a way that only genetically altered mutants can, Angel carries her into the sky and they make love in the air, Angel pulling off and tossing Husk's dress down to the onlookers below:.

Uncanny X-Men Or her skin. You know, whichever would be more creepy to wear as a trophy. That lady who is turning away in embarrassment? That's Husk's mother. The one who's standing in a good spot to wind up with some drops of mutant semen in her hair if she doesn't get out of the way.

The guy catching the dress is Wolverine. Yep, the rest of the X-Men are also enjoying the show. Uncanny X-Men "So Is that what we've decided?

nightwing x dying reader

Note that when Husk drops to the ground moments later, it clearly shows that Angel's pants have disappeared, along with any sense of shame he may have once had in his life. Uncanny X-Men "Any chance you could turn back, babe? We've got a real 'sword in the stone' situation going on.Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is one of DC's most beloved and iconic characters.

Finally, however, it seems that the era of Ric is over : Dick Grayson is Nightwing once more. In this issue, Batman and Nightwing are patrolling the rooftops of Gotham, when suddenly, Nightwing is shot in the head by the assassin known as KGBeast.

This shocking development was part of a plan by Bane to isolate Batman by taking out his closest allies. Although seriously wounded, Grayson survived this attempt on his life, slowly recovering in the hospital.

Grayson then took on the new identity of "Ric Grayson," a meaner, edgier persona than before. Indeed, Grayson shaved his head and became a taxi driver, turning his back on Dick Grayson's old life. Nevertheless, Grayson's instincts eventually took over, constantly feeling the urge to help others in need. Ric even assisted members of the Bludhaven police who had dressed up in Grayson's old outfits, calling themselves the "Nightwings.

Later on, it was revealed that Grayson's memories had actually been manipulated by the sinister Court of Owls. The shadowy cabal used a memory crystal to create "Ric" in an attempt to turn Grayson into a talon, one of their assassins. Since Grayson's great-grandfather, William Cobb, had been a talon, the court wanted to claim Grayson for themselves.

Ric foiled the court's plans to control him, but the battle fragmented his mind more than ever. This vulnerability enabled the Joker to pounce, using the memory crystal to brainwash Grayson into believing that the Clown Prince of Crime raised him. Fortunately, Ric's girlfriend, Bea, used the memory crystal to restore his memories as Dick Grayson.

Nightwing's return to form has been a long time coming. The sudden shift from Dick to Ric Grayson was met with immediate backlash by Nightwing fans. The primary appeal of Dick Grayson has always been his contrast to Batman. Nightwing is usually the lighter, well-adjusted balance to Batman's dark and brooding nature. Ric Grayson, however, discarded Dick's fun personality for a rougher and meaner attitude. Without Grayson's optimism and chipper attitude, the essence of the character is gone.

Ric Grayson was the exact opposite, isolating himself from others and consequently leaving a void in the DCU.

nightwing x dying reader

The Ric Grayson era was a controversial period for Nightwing. Now, finally, Dick Grayson has returned as the hero fans know and love. Nabeel Gaber is a longtime reader of a plethora of comic books. He's based in Houston, Texas, following all of the latest comic book media from movies to television. Nabeel is a graduate of Trinity University, working now as a freelance comic book features writer.

In his spare time, Nabeel enjoys running, improv comedy, and all the comics he can get his hands on! By Nabeel Gaber Sep 18, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.